Monday, June 2, 2014

New Google satellite imagery for Fresno! (April 2014)

Another year, another batch of fresh satellite pictures from Google, and these were uploaded surprisingly fast. The latest set of images viewable in Google Maps or Google Earth was taken on April 5, 2014. The older imagery was from March 15, 2013. Before late 2013, the images were from August 2012.

Remember that is this referring to the top-down pictures taken by satellites, not the 45 degree imagery taken by airplane, which is still many years old.

The bright sun and cloudless skies make Fresno an easy market for annual updates. Some major cities around the country only get updates every 3-4 years, and some global cities are still looking at images 5 or more years old.

Aside from making navigation easier, these updates allow for a quick way to track changes in the area.

I'll be looking in detail at some major changes in the area soon, but for now, here are some examples:

Changes downtown include the Broadway project and new apartments (picture tour soon)
 photo aerial1_zpsa4b0d1d7.png

On the north side of town, the new shopping mall on Herndon and 99 is visible, about to open
 photo aerial3_zpse467282e.png

Clovis is getting busy with hundreds of new homes popping up on farms
 photo aerial4_zpsb5a4dfa8.png

Further away, the 180 sprawlmaker continues its relentless expansion
 photo aerial2_zps84afe774.png

Anything new you think should be highlighted?


  1. How about the construction dwntwn on the lot on van ness near the spiral garage? And also the lot on tulare near the post office??? Nice to see contruction dwntwn.

    1. Yup, I took pictures from the street last week and Ill be uploading those along with the corresponding aerial images this and next week. Have a bunch of photo updates ready to go New trail stuff too.

    2. Very niice. Oh and have they started building that new pharm school out n friant yet? When i go golfing out there at Eagle Springs I c development goins on.

    3. No idea, Havent been up there recently

  2. The Bing car has been in the area the last couple weeks or so. I am assuming that they are taking new pics as well.

    1. I didnt even know they had streetview!

  3. This latest version of google satellite imagery is so cool! Im impressed to this version of satellite imagery as it defines a better quality of details and the quality of the dimensions. Great way to improve the use of satellite images. Kudos to you!