Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fresno Bee apparently supports HSR: 15 page special pro-HSR segment in today's paper

Today's paper was fatter than usual. Like most American papers, the Bee has shrunk over the past decade. But there was a surprise inside. A 15 page full-color special HSR segment, explaining all the benefits of HSR to the central valley.

Articles inside include:

Downtown Station Could be Regional Hub by the executive director of the Fresno Council of Governments
Japan's Rail Lines Reliable, Quake-proof by the consulate general from Japan
Making the Case for HSR by Steve Geil

Among many others. A timeline, "myths vs reality" and several local ads by pro-HSR companies are included.

There was one not-so-positive article,
Route Main Issue of Concern for Farmers by the CEO of the Fresno County Farm Bureau, but even that stated it was pro-HSR as long as the route was "right".

I can't find the articles online, so here's a small look at the section





  1. I wonder if any corporation subsidized that article.

  2. There was nothing I could find which stated who funded the section. It wasn't labeled a "special advertising section" but as a "custom publication of the Fresno Bee".