Monday, February 28, 2011

Fresno Hosting a "Smart Growth Conference"

This weak, Fresno will be hosting a series of talks about smart growth and transportation in Fresno County.

According to the website, the goal is as follows:

"The purpose of the Public Transportation Infrastructure Study (PTIS) is to identify strategies for land use and transportation investments that will result in measurable reductions in vehicle miles traveled and provide increased mobility for County residents."

Wednesday, March 2, Noon to 5 p.m.
Thursday, March 3, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Fresno Art Museum Auditorium
2233 N. First St.
Fresno, CA

The schedule looks pretty interesting:

Noon Registration
12:30 p.m. “Building From the Blueprint” - Michael McCoy, Urban Land Use and Transportation Center, UC Davis
1 p.m. “Meeting SB375 in the San Joaquin Valley” - Jerry Walters, Fehr & Peers
2 p.m. “The True Cost of Growth on the Urban Fringe” - Dena Belzer, Founder and President, Strategic Economics, Berkeley
3 p.m. “Transit Supportive Density for the Fresno Market” - Glen Bolen, Vice President of Fregonese and Associates, Portland
4 p.m. “Alternative Financing Options for TOD” - Dena Belzer, Principal, Strategic Economics

Thursday, March 3
8 a.m. “Land Use Densities to Justify the Transit Investment: The MTC Experience” -
Doug Johnson, Metropolitan Transportation Commission
9 a.m. “Form Based Codes to Support the Transit Investment” - Tony Perez, Principal, Raimi
Associates, urban planning, Los Angeles
10 a.m. “Transit Financing Plan for Fresno” - Nancy Whelan, Whelan Consulting, financial
planning consultants, San Francisco
11 a.m. “Transit Options for Rural Communities” - Ron Hughes, Executive Director of
CalVans, and Suzanne Martinez, Valley Rides Coordinator for Fresno COG Noon-3 p.m. “Implementing Smart Growth Strategies – What Works for Fresno?” - Lunch and group discussion

From what I understand, it is open to the public. Only the lunch discussion requires an RSVP. I will try to make the Wednesday sessions.

The flyer for the event can be seen here:

The full website can be seen here:

Sunday, February 27, 2011

2011 Draft Clovis Bicycle Transportation Master Plan Available

The city of Clovis has released a draft of their new Bicycle Plan. The plan was last updated in 2003, and needs to be made current so the city can apply for funding.

The comment period closes March 8th.

The plan is available here:

I wonder how many people will realize there's a plan to comment on? Stealth releasing it on the website and then only allowing for 30 days of comment doesn't seem very friendly. Also, it appears that comments must be sent via snail-mail instead of online. 

I'll be noting my comments shortly.

Friday, February 25, 2011

And so we begin

I’ve been looking to getting this blog started for awhile now. My goal is to create a nice mixture between advocacy, information, my jumbled thoughts and more, mainly focused on transportation, the environment and the politics that surround it. 

I’ve lived in a range of places, and been fortunate enough to travel to many more. As such, I’ve been exposed to a great deal of ideas in what should constitute good transportation. I hope to bring my experience in living along BRT in Curitiba, riding the rubber-tired subway in Mexico City, seeing the oldest subway system in the hemisphere every day in Boston and biking along farms in Fresno to the internets. Maybe I’ll even find a reader or two. 

As I’m currently in Fresno (well, Clovis), I suspect many of my posts will focus on that. Fortunately for me, Fresno has begun planning for an exciting future with transportation concerning more than just highways. From the developing bikeways, to the upcoming high speed rail, to setting the foundation for BRT and a streetcar, there should be enough to talk about. 

Oh, and pictures. I like pictures. There will be many of those too.